Saturday, July 4, 2015

AK-11 debut Full Length Album now available on Youtube.

                                      Listen to the Full Length Album Propaganda HERE!

'Once Upon A Time In Europa' is AK-11's first official full length album. Inspired by the endlessly grim Siberian wastelands, Tundra wolves, vodka & man’s dark & violent nature, this album is a 'Call To Arms' against all false & organized religions. The 'alien' cults & dogma are obliterated from our lands by the Heathen armies & only ash remains- there are no prisoners. AK-11 is our weapon of choice. Remembering the old European battles, mythology, traditions & the pagan way of life, we call upon all minded brothers & sister to 'Awake', Arise & Join Our War'.. And together, united in Black Metal & under the banner of Satan, we march forward towards the total annihilation of our enemy...the war continues.



Track List:

1) Europa (Krov')

2) Vechnyi Ogon'

3) The Cleansing Stream

4) Slava

5) Legendary, Demonic & Invincible

6) Sniper's Glory (Satan Guides My Aim)

7) Europa (Once Upon A Time)

8) Shest' Shest' Shest' i Katuysha

9) Pasledniy Pulya: Dla Vas

10) Europa (A Future)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First official AK-11 DEMO now available!

'Legendary, Demonic & Invincible' is AK-11's first official 6 track digital mini-album. This is my one man  project which began in April 2011. It's inspired by Russian & European brutal war history, Siberia’s bleak & endless frozen wastelands, Tundra wolves & vodka. Hence some of the songs are performed in the Russian language. AK-11 is 'Triumphant Black War Metal' and I dedicate these songs to the might, fury & eternal victory of the infernal Battle Gods.

Track List:

1) The Cleansing Stream
2) Vechnyi Ogon'
3) Slava
4) Legendary, Demonic & Invincible
5) Sniper's Glory ( Satan guides my aim)
6) Shest' Shest' Shest' i Katuysha

Under Satan's banner, the enemies of the left hand path will be forever defied, hunted down & obliterated.